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Terus E-Learning

We are a UK based E-learning company specialising in engaging content development and VLE setup, administration & support.

We have a huge amount of experience setting up, enhancing and administrating VLEs. This is our bread and butter, and we proudly manage, maintain or support dozens of organisations' VLEs. We have also built countless bespoke plugins to meet the specific or unusual needs of our clients.

For as long as we have been setting up and customising VLEs, we have been building highly interactive content for our clients to house within their VLEs. Whether they have outdated material created with a now obsolete software package, or they just have ideas jotted down on scraps of paper, we can take it and transform it into modern, engaging online learning material.

If you would like any more information from us, or you would like to discuss a project, please use the contact us form below, or email enquiries@teruselearning.co.uk.

VLE Setup and maintenance

  • We set up, theme and customise VLE’s, specialising in affordable, open source solutions.
  • We can extend your VLE's core functionality with custom plugins.
  • Ongoing or one-off administration services.
  • Ongoing or one-off upgrades, backups and troubleshooting.

Content Development

  • SCORM package development
  • Custom HTML5 and javascript solutions
  • Articulate Storyline
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Full page responsive solutions


  • Email and live chat support for your VLE.
  • User management and administration services.
  • Integrations with other systems.

More about our services
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Training provider

Training Providers

We often work with small training providers, or divisions of large companies to update and maintain out-dated courses, or provide full e-learning solutions to make mandatory training more dynamic and cost effective.

We can help with anything required, including:

All in one VLE setup

We can set up a VLE for your organisation or department, from a simple site to house and track progress through just a single health and safety module, to a highly complex site, designed to provide bespoke training to each department in a multinational corporation.

VLE Health Checks

We are often asked to assist in situations where a VLE was created several years ago but has fallen into disrepair. We can remedy this by making recommendations and giving guidance to be implemented by an internal department, or taking care of the whole process from start to finish.

Course Design and Development

We have a rock solid internal system for handling large content development projects, ensuring quality and consistency across any number of modules. Our clients are given the option of being enrolled into our project management software so that they can keep track of progress and feedback on the modules as they take shape.

If you intend on building the content yourself, we can also provide guidance on the most appropriate software for your needs, and provide training or software tutorials so that you can get off to a flying start.

Software tutorials and testing is also a major component of the material we often build for corporate clients. Perhaps you require all employees to be trained on an internal system, or are rolling out a new software suite. We can build a bank of material as a reference or design a formal course on using the systems.

How we can help your department

E-learning departments are often expected to achieve the impossible. Assisting teachers with course design, developing course content, delivering training, and managing the VLE. This can become apparent during the summer months, when teachers require extra assistance to prepare for the coming academic year, the VLE requires updating, and there is a long list of administration jobs to do. All this while leave needs to be taken and budgets are being cut.

We have been in this position and understand how helpful an additional pair of hands can be. Our prices are unmatched, and we want nothing more than to swoop in and take some of this burden off your hands, so you can focus on the customer facing side of things.

We can:

  • Update, theme and maintain your VLE
  • Perform administration operations of all kinds e.g.
    • Reset courses, groups or cohorts
    • Archiving, linking to new courses
    • Course/category duplication
    • College VLE mergers
  • Build bespoke VLE plugins to suit your specific needs
  • Build and update content using any content authoring software on the market

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